Beautiful cruisers – with easier methods and shorter lead times

As competition in the cruise market is tight, there’s demand to get more and more unforgettable luxury cruisers sailing the world’s seas. But as it comes to building large vessels, lead times are bound to be long. And it just doesn’t cut it to set something out to the seas, no – each luxury cruiser must be distinguished and include distinct details and features in order to provide unique experiences for passengers.  

An operating model that could cut lead times and produce even more beautiful cruisers, would without a doubt benefit the entire shipbuilding industry.

While discussing the issue, we at Planson realized that by reducing the amount of overlapping work steps and developing methods to speed up the mounting phase, cruisers could be built significantly faster than currently.

Building vessels is a time-consuming task. And even more so, if time and resources are sacrificed to designing phases that don’t generate feasible plans.

As a result, the planning needs to be done all over again, in a way that takes into consideration the material’s properties as well as the feasibility of the design. As a whole, this re-designing process furthermore tightens the schedule and doubles up the planning costs.

For solving the challenge, we at Planson offer our solutions and services.

In the Planson model, our customers will be supported by the expertise of Planson’s Design Service and thus help reducing overlapping work and detail design. Our Space Reservation model as well as our 3D Analysis Tool are set to ensure that the architect’s vision is transferred into a viable plan.

Our Design Service will also assist in optimizing material purchases. The less material goes to waste, the more cost-effective is the project and the smaller it’s carbon footprint.

We implement the designs into feasible elements that include the necessary pre-works for lighting, air conditioning, electricity etc. This way there’s no need to drill additional holes to the elements when they’re mounted to the cruiser, which helps to minimize the duration of the work done on board.

The elements are delivered finished, protected and molded. Also lights, decorative elements and other accessories can be pre-installed.

Planson’s design work will also provide the documentation required in the installation. The numbering of the components and the carefully planned order of assembly ensure that the correct modules are located in the right place at the right time, an in the correct order.

Design Service

Architect’s visions in to feasible solutions

Modeled structures and high-performance products

Preventing overlapping work steps


Promoting modularity and industrial production

Ready bushing for technology

Shorter lead times, faster installation and better end result

Assistance for Installation

The documentation required for installation is generated as a result of the design work

Right modules in the right place at the right time – delivered as agreed

Examples of our solutions

We manufacture customized structures such as beams and domes, aluminum flat ceilings, pillars, panels, and tiles.

We also produce pile curtains, window curves, wall elements, special light fixtures and many other parts, a lot of which are one of a kind articles. We also make the necessary special profiles and breakage parts.

Special Structures
Aluminium Flat Ceilings